The Loop is a wave shooter created for the OST Jam #5. You control an android trying to survive an angry A.I. which throws waves of robots at you.

Development log


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This was a neat game! Really loved the story that you created with it :D


Thank you for you comment, glad you liked it!


Nice game and plot twist ! Maybe find a way for enemies to move along the walls to find you ? Because in my game more than twenty mobs were stacked against a wall.


Thank you for your comment ! Yeah this game needs pathfinding, which we didn't have time to implement within the time frame of the jam ^^


I don't know if it's just me, but even though I chose the WASD movement option, W and A don't seem to work at all. I can only move down and right. 

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Thank you for your comment. 

We fixed the game. It should work now (keyboard detection is a mess and we are a French team so our keyboard is azerty and not qwerty) ^^ 

Sorry for the inconvenience ! Hopefully it will work for you now.