The Octopus is a narrative management game made in one week for the Godot Wild Jam #24. 

You play as the leader of a small branch of the mafia. Your goal is to befriend the Boss for some dark reasons. As you play, you will experience story events and will have to make moral choices on order to climb the social (and illegal) ladder.


Theme: Family.

Wildcard used: Pet the dog, Watchmaker.

Warning: this game is better suited for 16+ players.

The Octopus is open source:

Every asset are taken from free to use asset stores. The low res graphics is an hommage to game of the PS1 era.


Important note about the browser version:

Some physic glitches (mission sheets penetrating each other or randomly shaking) can be encountered when playing the browser version. In that case, we advise you to use a downloadable version (if possible).


Hey guys !

I am sooooo glad to publish this game. This is the first video game I have contributed to and I am immensely proud of what we managed to achieve in only a week.

I hope you will enjoy this little game. Please give us feedbacks !



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It was marvelous) I like the concept and especially the music of the game. Too many endings), it's great. And family, FAMILY it's a big word here. I enjoyed it :) I was killed by a hired one.))))


Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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I killed the girl... guess the crash was my punishment x)

Otherwise the ambience is good. This grey tone and this music work well together.


Hi ! Thank you for your feedback.

The bug has been fixed. 

Sorry for this bad experience. You should be able to reload your last save and continue on the path to redemption :D

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Thank you very much for playing and for the feedback!